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communication system


Configuration memory, removable   32Mbyte CompactFlash card (rear access)
LED Indicators   2x Tri-state LEDs (IDU Status, ODU Status)
Line Interface Standards Compliance Compliant to ITU-T Rec. G.703, G.823
  Line Code HDB3
  Impedance 75Ω unbalanced or 120Ω balanced, configurable
  Transmit 320MHz, -2.0 to -7.0 dBm
IF Cable Connector Receive 126MHz, -2 to -22 dBm
Protection Connector   N-Type
Auxillary Data IDU100 20x only 9pin D-SUB
  Aux Data Channels 1
  Interface RS232 or RS422
  Line Rate, configurable 1.2 to 192. kbps, asynchronous
    64kbps, synchronous
Alarm I/O Connector type 9pin D-SUB
  External Alarm Inputs 2-TTL
  External Alarm Outputs 4-Form C Relay
  Connector type 15pin D-SUB
NMS LAN interface Type 10/100 Base-T Ethernet
  Connector 8-pin RJ45
Serial Maintenance Interface Standard Complies to TIA/EIA-561
  Speed 1200bps to 115.2kbps
  Connector 8-pin RJ45
Electrical Input Voltage Range -40.5 to -60.0 VDC
  Power Consumption <10W
  Protection Circuit 3A Slow-Blow Fuse
Mechanical Dimensions 44mm(1RU) x 482mm(19in) x 280mm (11.0in)
  Weight 1.6kg(3.5Ib)
IDU 8x    
Capacity Options   configurable, 4, 5, 8×2.048Mbps(E1)
Configuration Options   Non Protected(1+0) only
ODUs supported   ODU100 only
Compatibility   IDU100 16x, IDU100 20x, INU/INUe/RAC10
Traffic Connectors   8x RJ45
IDU 16x    
Capacity Options   configurable, 4, 5, 8×2.048Mbps(E1)
Configuration Options   Non Protected(1+0)
ODUs supported   ODU100 only
Compatibility   IDU100 8x, IDU100 20x, INU/INUe/RAC10
Traffic Connectors   16x RJ45
IDU 20x    
Capacity Options   configurable, 4, 5, 8, 10, 16, 20×2.048Mbps(E1)
Configuration Options   Non Protected(1+0)
    Protected Hot Standby(1+1), no diversity
ODUs supported   ODU100 only
Compatibility   IDU100 8x, IDU100 16x, INU/INUe/RAC10
Traffic Connectors   20x RJ45


ODU100 Frequency Range 7, 8, 13, 15, 18, 23, 26, 38GHz
  Capacities(1) 4, 5, 8, 10, 16, 20x E1
  Modulations QPSK
ODU300 Frequency Range 5, L6, U6, 7, 8, 11, 13, 15, 18, 23GHz
  Capacities 4, 5, 8, 10, 16, 20, 32, 40, 48, 52, 64, 75x E1
    1, 2, 3, 4, 8x E3
    1 to 2x STM1
  Modulations 16, 32, 64, 123 QAM
IF Specifications  
Intermediate Frequency ODU100 Transmit 320MHz
  ODU300 Transmit 311MHz
  ODU100/300 Receive 126MHz
IF Cable, recommended INU/IDUtoODU   Belden 9913(RG-8) 50Ω
Maximum IF Cable length INU/IDUtoODU   300meters(1,000ft)
ODU Interfaces  
IF cable connector N-Type
AGC monitor point BNC
Antenna port Interface Standard EIA rectangular waveguide, frequency dependent(refer to ODU Specifications)
Polarization, field selectable Vertical(standard) or Horizontal
Antenna Mounting Proprietary SlipFit direct mount(standard) for antenna diameters 0.3 to 1.8m(1 to 8ft)
  Optional remote mount via flex/elliptical waveguide
General Transmitter Specifications  
Transmit Power Tolerance 5 to 26GHz ±2dB
  38GHz ±3dB
Transmitter Source   Synthesized
Frequency Stability ±10ppm
Manual Transmitter Power Control range QPSK 30dB
  16QAM 26dB
  32QAM 25.5dB
  64QAM 25dB
  128QAM 24dB
  Resolution 0.1dB steps
  Accurary ±2dB
Automatic Transmitter Power Control Range Configurable over full available manual attenuation range
  Resolution 0.1dB steps
  Speed 6dB/sec
Transmitter Mute &nbsp >50dB
Channel Selection/td>   By software control within tuning range of ODU


(see ODU System Specifications), via Portal or ProVision
Synthesizer Resolution


General Receiver Specifications  
Receiver Source Synthesized
Frequency Stability   ±10ppm
Receiver Overload BER=1×10-6 -22dBm
Residual (Background) Bit Error Rate

Better than 10-13
RSSI Accuracy -40 to -70dBm, 0 to +35℃
-25 to -85dBm, -33 to +55℃
Additional Protection Losses Frequency Band Main Channel Protection Channel
Splitter option 5GHz 3.5dB 3.5dB
  6 to 18GHz 3.6dB 3.6dB
  21 to 26GHz 3.8dB 3.8dB
  38GHz 4dB 4dB
Coupler option 5GHz 1.5dB 6.4dB


6 to 18GHz 1.6dB 6.6dB


21 to 26GHz 1.8dB 6.8dB


38GHz 2dB 7dB
Power Consumption ODU100 40W max
  ODU300 50W max
ODU100(2) Size(H×W×D) 287mm(11.2in)×287mm(11.2in)×119mm(4.7in)
  Weight, max 6.0kg(13.2lb)
ODU300 Size(H×W×D) 287mm(11.2in)×287mm(11.2in)×162mm(6.4in)
  Weight, max 8.8kg(19.4lb)
ODU Protection Splitter/Coupler Size(H×W×D) 600mm(23.6in)×250mm(9.8in)×105mm(4.2in)
(Supports all ODUs) Weight 5 to 8GHz : 8.5kg(18.7lb)
    11 to 38GHz : 6.8kg(15lb)