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It allows monitoring of various types of equipment and sensor status in remote site and enables remote control of the equipment from shore station. In particular, if it is connected to GCSC AtoN AIS, it enables continuous monitoring and controlling of remote site through AIS VHF Data Link even when Ethernet based wired or wireless communication is disconnected from the remote site.


In order to promote users' convenience, GCSC SCADA was designed in 19" rack type with touch LCD on front which allows users to recognize the status of equipment and sensors easily and to lock the product into position simply.


GCSC SCADA provides various interfaces to connect to external equipment as well as dedicated server and client program that is conveniently operable based on PC with RS-232 serial port.


GCSC SCADA has the functionality of security and crime prevention for important facilities by checking out the sensors status in real time and is capable of dealing promptly with dangerous conditions through quick recognition. Also, it allows individual controlling and monitoring of respective equipment in remote site


GCSC SCADA has a compact structure adopting the newest electronic components. It is a case type to be mounted in 19" rack. Under consideration of life span of the cooling fan, with interface with a thermal sensor, it operates only above specific temperature to make failure rate reduced and noise minimized.


Even in the condition that the communication is disconnected from shore station, it supports connection of GCSC AtoN and AIS for monitoring and controlling of the equipment and sensor status in remote site, and provides data log file of all equipment and sensor status information and browsing function.